Review – Super Dinosaur Super Awesome All Ages Fun!

Super DinosaurSuper Dinosaur
Publisher – Image
Writer –  Robert Kirkman
Artist – Jason Howard

Super Dinosaur is a new series by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible), drawn by Jason Howard (Astonishing Wolfman). It’s an all ages comic that follows the adventures of a 9ft T-Rex genetically altered to be Super Dinosaur, who wears a pretty neat and well thought out battle armor/harness.

His mission is to defend Earth and stop the Dino-Men created by Max Maximus from exploiting the deposits of Dynore found in the layer between our Earth and Inner Earth. He is aided by Derek an Awesome Boy Genius (his words not mine) and his robotic companion Wheels. There is also a third element in the fight too led by Tricerachops who is trying to free the Dino-men. All the main characters are introduced and get a nice little set piece to establish who they are, and their motivations.

As mentioned this is an all ages comic which I picked up for my son from Chucks Comics, but once I peeked under the cover I had to read it. Super Dinosaur is super awesome fun to read and is the makings of a Saturday morning cartoon show in comic book form. It’s snappy, dynamic, has an amazing hero in the form of Super Dinosaur and simply awesome visuals by Jason Howard. You will love the ‘I brought Missiles’ splash.

I really cannot find anything wrong with this comic, after all it has Dinosaurs, insanely silly action, huge battle armors and stunning fights. Pick it up for your kid (so you can read it too), it will get them reading comics; this is one title you want to share and talk about.

4 Thumbs Up out of 5

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