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Everything is fun if you just add Ninjas

Over the last month my fellow members of the 3C writing group and myself have been working towards producing an Anthology novel for the month of April. The collective theme of this project was The Cruelest Month, from the line April is the cruelest month from The Waste Land by TS Eliot.

While I admit the theme doesn’t lend itself to the most cheery of subjects I was determined to have fun with it. Throughout most of February and March I have been working on first set of Wonder Tales, my collection of all ages fairy tales. So this was a good opportunity to write something for an older age group and get back into the swing of things.

Apart from the Steampunk stuff I’ve published here, my long form novels have been a gritty fantasy action stories that pitched a girl named Sarah against the Darkness, with a little help from an Angelic Guardian called Paul and CT her long suffering guide to The Tether universe.  So I seized on the chance to try something out of my comfort zone and use a very different writing voice.

Using the Anthology theme of The Cruelest Month I came up with the idea of a writer who had writers block, who was up against a deadline, and hadn’t slept in days, and who started to imagine his characters having conversations with him. I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go, and for a while I struggled with it. Then for some reason Ninjas appeared and things just came together. Odd how inspiration hits you, everything seems to be much more fun and easier when you add Ninjas to it.

So coming to a Anthology near you, the 3C first story collective entitled the The Cruelest Month will be released in the next two weeks in eBook form, and in about 3-4 in printed form. This book is a collection of short stories from budding and very talented writers from the 3C writing group ranging from the serious to comical, from mysteries to fantasy adventure. I hope you all check it out when we release it, it simply is going to be a brilliant read.

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