Review – IDW Transformers Bumblebee Mini-series

Transformers Bumblebee
Mini-series 1-4
Written by Zandor Cannon
Artwork by Chee

This Transformers mini-series takes place around Transformers For All Mankind #2 just after Bumblebee is elected leader of the Autobots, while Prime mops around being all Emo.  It is a chronicle of the little guy becoming a leader, from his fumbles and indecisions at the beginning, to the end where he is resolute and firm. The short version is Bumblebee transforms.

For some reason IDW really hits the Transformers on the head with their mini-series, and this one, just like Ironhide is pitch perfect and tells a great story that G1 fans, and new readers a like will love.

The artwork is a throwback to the older G1 designs and is slightly out of step with the earlier IDW For All Mankind series. It was nice to see, especially seeing BB doing what he does best which is interacting with humans.

The synopsis is as follows, BB is elected leader, a Colonel from Skywatch proposes a deal which BB accepts and it goes wrong. From there BB scrambles to save the Autobots in his command from his mistake, and grows into a leader. Along the way we are treated to a Decepticon hunt, a deranged Rumble, and a chilling speech from Skywarp. All good solid mature Transformer stuff.

Nice story, great artwork that is slightly out of step with the direction of For All Mankind, but it works well with a great sense of the scale of the Bot’s from Chee. If you can find this story it is a must have for Transformer fans, I was only let down slightly figuring out how BB had this adventure.

3.5 Thumbs Up of 5

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