Day Seven 100 Word Flash Fiction – Tea Leaves

The Tea LeavesRead your tea leaves, sir?
The old woman took my empty cup.
You are going to undergo a great journey.
To met a blonde haired girl who you will fall for,
you will have two children, but the love will be a lie.
You will then meet a stubborn redheaded girl
who will love you unconditionally.
I thanked her laughing no way, not me.
The next year I moved to the USA
for the blonde haired girl we had two beautiful children,
we divorced.
Then I met the stubborn redheaded girl and we married.
Life does comes at you fast.

Nick Davis

Made it through seven days of flash fiction stories, this one brought to you by tea, stubborn,children. I hope you’ve enjoyed all seven tales.

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Just an Englishman lost in the USA who happens to write now and again... Anyone got a cup of tea?

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