Review – Captain America The Fighting Avenger

Captain America - The Fighting AvengerCaptain America
The Fighting Avenger
Volume One
Written by Brian Clevinger
Illustrated by Gurihiru

This is an all ages comic book by Marvel that details Captain America’s early adventures during WWII, and frankly it isn’t that bad. The basic gist is the Cap goes on a mission with a crack commando unit that look a little like the Howlers so he can gain combat experience, and things go wrong from there. Including Cap’s first encounters with the Red Skull.

While the artwork is aimed more towards Marvel Adventures end of the market, its clean, has a nice anime style to it and looks good. It reminded me a little of the old War comics I used to read in the UK, and it doesn’t flinch away from the use of guns; meaning they are a fact of life during war, and it gets across they are dangerous, as both sides do their utmost not to get shot. Absolutely no bloodshed is shown, the only prolonged violence are cartoon like fist fights.

The book has several humorous lines, such as the search of Captain America’s codename, as HQ haven’t decided on one yet, and that Cap keeps throwing his shield, but hasn’t figured out how to do the trick shots that return it to him. It’s hard not to laugh when Cap throws his shield and is dodging tank fire while saying, “Shields are not for throwing, shields are not for throwing. ”

Captain America The Fighting Avenger, is an introduction to the Cap and is a tie in to the upcoming movie. It does its job wonderfully and I only wish some more mature comics were paced like this. My only compliant is the price, at $4.99 its hard to call it just an introductory book.

4 thumbs up out of 5

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