Review – Zombie Rockband Must Be Destroyed, a coffee table book that has Zombies in it…

Zombie Rockband Must DieZombie Rockband Must Be Destroyed
Written by Wynter
Illustrated by Ken Doughtery

This is a coffee table sized book that has Zombies in it. Set in a post-apocalyptic world that has survived the Z infestation and is slowly returning to normal. The story follows Jim, a photo journalist who’s twin brother was turned into a Zombie, and a Goth girl named Casey who lost her entire family to Zombies during the initial outbreak.

Both are serious disturbed individuals, who have lost everything they’ve known and are trying to rebuild their lives. In Jim’s case its feeling the aching soulness of having a twin that has been turned, and in Casey its a sense of belonging in a world turned upside.

The primary focus of both protagonists is the Zombie Rockband; Midnight Haunt. Musicians that are now indentured undead slaves to their Music label. The book is done in a prose style with full color illustrations after every page and it tells two self-contained stories. The artwork is nicely done with a washed out pallet that sets the dark tone of the story up. The prose is a little disjointed, as it jumps between the protagonists without warning. Just as your settling into the world through Jim’s eyes, you jump over to Casey’s point of view. But it tells the story of two disconnected members of society and how they both see the Zombie Rockband as their salvation.

The ending has a nice twist to it, and in a way both Jim and Casey get exactly what they want. A good little Zombie yarn for your book shelves.

3 Thumbs up out of 5

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