Day Two 100 Word Flash Fiction – Speed

SpeedFor just one moment it is perfect.
Man, machine in harmony,
watching the reflection of the light counting down off my windshield.
Red… Amber and then the lights hold…
Green! Go! Go! Go!
First gear just off the cam, snatch to second.
Barely a wheel spin.
Feel the engine ignore the counter.
Hit third together we lung forward.
Redline slam the clutch quick change to fourth.
Fifth follows both hands on the wheel.
A risked glance shows us neck and neck.
A sly grin, hit the nos and the night lights blur.
Winning or losing don’t matter now.
Just speed…

Nick Davis

A new flash fiction, 100 words from the Speed, Green, Spin and Lights. Enjoy…


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Just an Englishman lost in the USA who happens to write now and again... Anyone got a cup of tea?

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