Review – Fear Itself Book One of Seven by Matt Fraction

Fear ItselfFear Itself
Book One of Seven

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen
Cover by Steve Immonen

Welcome to the start of Marvel’s next big event Fear Itself, which promises to shake up the Marvel universe and it will never be the same again, again, again, again. How many times have we heard this? Okay, I will stop now.

The last big Marvel event was Siege which ended Dark Reign with a bang, and brought us into the Heroic Age. Almost straight after that we had Shadowlands and Curse of the Mutants. I didn’t get Curse of the Mutants as I’m not a huge X fan, but I did pick up Shadowlands  which I renamed One Shot Land, and it left me with event fatigue. Oh, hey did anyone even register Chaos War?

Now, we have Fear Itself and I’m not too sure what to make of it. We have some great social commentary at the beginning with a riot at Ground Zero, that sees Steve’s crisis of identity get larger. We shift to see what Sin has been up too and she has got her hands on some serious god like power that just seems to be laying around Earth616 as common as a Mocha Latte. Then we follow the Avengers to Asgard to announce Stark’s rebuilding plan.

Here I got a little confused, when did Odin come back? Needed to see a reference point so I at least know where to find that out. And he seems just as brash and arrogant as Thor was once accused of.  Spoilers after the jump.

Odin and Thor have a fight, then they have another fight and then the Asgard Gods take the rainbow bridge to rebuild Asgard back in Asgard? Leaving our Heroes to pick up the pieces of ruined Asgard. In the meantime Sin has turned into Skadi and become her Avatar. Then searches out the Serpent who looks like a withered Odin.

With this first book everything is being pushed into place to start the event off. It all looks interesting, nothing has made me go wow yet, but I am sure we will have moments of that to come. With luck we wont get one shotted to death with this event and the core of the story will be in the Fear Itself books.

Nice artwork, story looks good, you will just have to forgive my event fatigue I am sure it will pass.

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

Oh, I dare anyone keep a straight face at Brian Michael Bendis profile picture in the Marvel Architects special in this book. Worth the cover price alone. Ahem… A fine pair of arched eyebrows you have there Sir!

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