Review – The Paranormals Volume One by Dan ‘Da Hat’ Nokes – An Action Packed Read!

The Paranormals Vol OneThe Paranormals is a creator owned comic by Dan Nokes, of 21st Century Sandshark Studios

The artwork, layout, story, publishing all powered by the constantly active Dan ‘Da Hat’ Nokes, a local comic creator from the wilds of Lusby, Maryland.

Dan has been plying his comic at conventions and comic shop openings for some time now and I have to say. It is an impressive piece of work.

I received my review copy of The Paranormals via mail at the start of this week after talking to Dan at the Baltimore Comic Con. Every convention I see him at I kept meaning to check out the book, and now I’ve had my chance.

The basic story is a girl names Tabitha Marche is orphaned and confined in a boarding school deep in the wilds Maryland, where she finds out its a coven for a cult of dark witches. She is rescued by a odd crew of magical folk including Angus; an uptight Dwarf, Fang a chain smoking Vampire Hemovegan, Dingo an Australian Dingo Werewolf and Garth a child minded Robot. This first volume follows her interactions in this supernatural world as she discovers she is key to reshaping reality itself.

The Paranormals Volume One collects together the first 150 pages, and I think first six chapters of this comic. The volume is presented in pocket book format and is packed full of story! Dan could of easily paced this story out to twice the amount of issues, and pages and you would still get a huge story bang for you buck.

The artwork is heavily stylized, with gritty inks and is printed in black white. Some of the paneling is confusing at first, but as the story progresses the flow from frame to frame is better. Although I did like the darker inks at the beginning over the lighter inks at the end of this first volume.

Character interactions work well and the narrative paces well throughout. This is 150 pages of jammed packed plot and I found I couldn’t put it down, because I wanted to know what would happen next.

The only downer is due to some of the frame sizes when action happens it can be confusing and your not too sure what is going on. The narrative takes up some of that slack, but a picture does indeed tell a thousand words.
To sum up, The Paranormals Volume One is one of those hidden gems in the independent comic book world and a recommended read. Check it out today.

4 Thumbs up out of 5

To learn more about The Paranormals go here

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