Review – Marvel Initiative Captain America 615.1

Marvel Captain America 615.1 is written by Ed Brubaker, illustrated by Mitch Breitweiser and the evocative cover art is by Daniel Acuna. Issue 615.1 is part of the Marvel Initiative of one shot stories from major titles that are act as jumping on points for new readers.

Out of all the .1 issues I’ve read so far Captain America does the best job as a jumping on issue. In this book, we find Commander Steve Rogers in contemplative mood; as a new Captain America is thrust onto the scene to take the place of Bucky who is having a few legal woes at the moment.

The story does a great job of covering who Cap is, and what he stands for. You can almost hear the wheels turning in Steve’s head as the new Cap spells it out to him, that he is Cap, not Bucky, and the country needs him more than ever. You also see the intensity of Steve as he rescues the new Cap from being turned into a Modok by AIM. If anything this illustrates the soldier that Steve is.

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The only problem I have with this story is we have yet another Super Soldier at almost the same power level as Steve, running around. Making the original Cap a little less unique. Because you know, for a project that cannot be replicated there is sure a lot of Super Soldiers out there.

I wont spoil the ending, because I think it will have repercussions into main Cap series. This is a nice stand alone story another gem from Ed Brubaker and wonderful art from Mitch Breitweiser. Find out what makes Cap tick and pick this issue up today.

4 thumbs up out of 5

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