Review – IDW Transformers Vol.2 TPB International Incident… Huh?

IDW Transformers International IncidentIDW Transformers Volume Two – International Incident is written by Mike Costa with art by Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi and Javier Salteres. This trade collects together Issues 7-12 of the rebooted IDW Transformers series.

Lets see about two weeks ago I reviewed the trade of For All Mankind and frankly I wasn’t that impressed. Did things change with this trade? Well, it did a little bit, mainly because it concentrated more on side characters, and stepped away from Emo Prime.

First up Bumblebee has been made the leader of the Autobots, and is seriously stepping up to the role. There is a nice bit where the Bot’s are asked who their leader is and instead of saying Prime they all point to Bumblebee. And if it wasn’t for BB all the Bots would of got their collective heads handed to them by the three remaining Combaticon’s. Read more thoughts after the Jump.

Now I made a prediction in my review For All Mankind that the closer Skywatch, the elite Human anti-bot task force got to the Autobots, the less elite they become and I was right. They frankly become comical in their incompetence. Gone are the Elite Troops who can take down a Transformer in and out of their crash suits in seconds. The special force that the bot’s all lived in fear of; now lean on the Autobots to help clean up the Decepticon mess (cause they didn’t do it more efficiently themselves for the last two years). And how did Major Witwicky gain any command? He went from cool headed to implusive and emotional.

International Incident takes the premise that three Combaticons hire themselves out to North Korea to do their bidding, and help the North invade the South. Okay, I can buy that some of the ‘cons were mercenaries in the first place, so that would happen if they found themselves leaderless. I didn’t get Dear Leader bossing about Onslaught, but the Combaticons are fairly dumb so its plausible.

At first the Autobots, who cannot transform in public because they are now consider WMDs and any appearance will invoke an extreme response, and Skywatch can’t do anything to stop them (remember Autobot combat incompetence rubs off). It isn’t until Bumblebee recruits Thunderscracker does anything go right at all. Then for no reason, just as the Autobots start winning the Predacons turn up!

In all not a bad story, that had main characters trying to wreck it with a lot of inconsistent behavior. It was saved by the side characters. Bumblebee, Brawn and Thundercracker who all have a nice arc and their characters really developed in this story. Truthfully am actually really digging Thundercracker and it was his arc alone that made me pick up International Incident. Even Cosmos appears and is really amusing as he deals with some space side stuff for BB.

The artwork is wonderful and has a nice sense of scale. I am hoping the story does pick up and the last of the bumps are now ironed out. I am a fan of Transformers, but much of this series has done them a disservice so far.

3 thumbs up out of 5

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