Review of Powers #7 by @BRIANMBENDIS & @Oeming was it worth the wait?

Powers #7 by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon OemingWell praise be… One week after the announcement of the Powers Pilot being picked up by FX, we finally get Issue 7 of Powers. Has it really been over three months since we last peeked into the life of Christian Walker? So was this issue worth the long wait?

Simple answer is yes, the complicated one is yes and no. Lets start with the simple yes, the dialog and Walkers questioning of a whole pantheon of Gods is Brian Michael Bendis at his best, and Michael Avon Oeming cinematic layout hums along with story.

Walker and his new partner Enki Sunrise are still feeling each other out, and there is tension between them as she suspects he is hiding powers, which of course he is. Which is a contrast to the easy banter he had with Deena Pilgrim, who returned as Special FBI Agent Pilgrim at the end of issue 6. Nice to see her back, and her new status over Walker should make for some interesting developments. Everything just clicked, and we had an unexpected shock ending leaving us wanting more.

The no, well… It might be another three months before we see another issue, and Powers just leaves you wanting more. Because of the detail in these stories you find yourself forgetting, well details, which can distract as you pour through the back issues to remember everything that is going on. This book really needs to hit more regular than it does. And now with Powers being picked up by FX this will turn into a series that everyone will be checking out. So we have a little time left to say we read it before the masses found out about it. Giving us that Hipster feeling of being just ahead of curve…

4 thumbs up out of 5

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