Transformers Ironhide a more than meets the eyes comic review

Transformers Ironhide is published by IDW is a four-part series by writer Mike Costa and art by Casey Coller.  The mini-series explores the history of Ironhide following his shocking death in IDW Transformers #1

Yes I am late to the party with this, it was published way back in 2010, but I’ve not been paying attention to the IDW Transformers comics at all, although after this I might be. I picked this series up simply because I like Ironhide, he is a bit of a grump like me, and the story from what I read in Chucks Comics intrigued me.

The basic synopsis is Ironhide wakes up after being killed and finds himself back on Cybertron. He is confused and we flip back and forth as he remembers certain things from his past life, well, except for a 4 million year gap and all his time on Earth. As he explores the deserted planet he runs into Alpha Trion and learns why he has been brought back to life.  It is basically an origin story for Ironhide, and reinvents the character.

To be frank this mini-series surprised me, IDW has taken bold steps in reinventing the Transformers, making them a lot grittier than I remember from the Marvel series or the cartoon. The story is realistic and dark. But the journey you undertake with Ironhide is a fun ride, with wonderful artwork and good solid writing.

Ironhide comes across as the dedicated soldier that he is, rough around the edges but very good at what he does. There are a couple of surprises along the way, and his fight against a horde of Insecticons is a lot of fun to follow, especially with him grumbling all the way.

If you are a Transformers fan I highly recommend you pick up this series and enjoy the reboot, you will love what IDW have done to this universe, and I suspect you might pick up some of the other IDW Transformer stories. It certainly has got me eying up the IDW rack at our local store, and I’m not a huge Transformers fan.

This is a solid mini-series 4 thumbs up out of 5

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