Interesting review being compared to James Patterson Me thinks this is a good thing!

One of the my reviews for Accept One, book two of the Tether Saga compared my work to James Patterson, a compliment indeed. The review was posted by Mark Austin, who gave the page sample a thumbs up and is quoted in full below.

Amazing choice if this is really your page 99. I’m not a fan of James Patterson style killers but it’s written as well as Patterson. It’s bestseller material. Gruesome, like slowing down to see a bad car wreck. Got to admit you grabbed my attention as if this were page 1

Now for a little explanation what Page99test is all about. For a while I had a preview page up on from Accept One. The website takes page 99 from your book, and with no explanation or story set up places it to be cold reviewed. The idea being you read page 99, and it should hook you enough to turn the page to find out what happens next. Reviews have been mixed because of the lack of context going in, but its been an interesting experience. You can learn more about by clicking here.

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