Geek out moment with Powers Comic book covers

Over the next three days my local comic book shop Chucks Comics, over here in Essex Maryland (just east of Baltimore) are having a crazy $1 back issue sale (more details at Chucks Comics website by clicking here) I took this opportunity to pick up a huge pile of Powers back issues by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming. Great story, but what I really like about these comics are the covers they are simply amazing!

Now most comics I can take it or leave it, and not worry about picking up back issues, instead if I really like it I will pick up the Trades. With Powers though I am really enjoying this comic at the moment, its an amazing mix of Police procedural drama and Superhero antics; coupled to the amazing dialog of Brian Michael Bendis and the stylized retro anime art of Michael Avon Oeming. I feel compelled to pick up some back issues which is, as many will tell you is unusually for me.

One thing that is really attracting me to pick up these books is the comic covers from this series. I was amazed at the variation, the design, the thought and sheer tribute to so many different styles and genres.  My favorite is the Retro Girl Art Deco tribute cover on the bottom right.

Okay, I know Powers love fest, but this is an exceptionally good book and is inspiring me to take Fabula to a whole new level.

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