Why I hate Black Friday Sales – Door Busters Idiots

Today I found myself outside Target at 3.20am waiting for the Black Friday sale to begin. This broke a seven year long formed habit of avoiding these events, and although I had a good reason to be here, there were a number of reminders why I hate Black Friday sales.

Its called Door Busters Idiots. In this case Target were offering 46″ Flat Panel TV’s for a very silly price. I could hear a group of people not far behind me working themselves into a frenzy to pick one up, cussing, insulting people, that happened to be in front of them and general being nasty. Hollow, broken soulless people, the sort that are nasty all week to everyone, then go to Church on Sunday claiming they are Christian. These people were virtually foaming at the mouth, loudly proclaiming they were going to beat everyone ass to get a TV for themselves. To make matters worse Jean had agreed to help someone a little further down the line get one by saying I would hold one for him. Yeah… That didn’t make me happy at all… Rule one of Black Friday, get in, get out.

So we waited until the doors opened and it was madness, people stampeding toward the TV’s which happened to be right next to the carts. I put my hand on one TV, gets snatched out from under me. I then hold the band of another one, and the idiots who were in a frenzy try clawing it off. I mean they were nasty, spitting cussing, eye rolling insane, one step away from throwing punches and attacking anyone that came near them.  The guy appears for his TV I held, glad its over I say I hope its worth it, and then go off to get what I did come for.

Work my way to the back of the store after grabbing two things that we put on the list. Find the third item, get my hand on it, the return of scrabbling claws, forget that, walk past the Christmas trees, more claws and foaming people. Oh, look the same group who lost it over a friggin TV. Get back to Jean who is carrying to much, she had a cart, but someone snatched it from her which was upsetting, and a hard lesson in Black Friday sales for her.

This is why I hate Black Friday… The People… The ones that work themselves up into a frenzy to grab a product that is just a job lot sale item from last year, the ones that grab carts from other people, who spit, curse and threaten violence. Guess what, even at 46″ its still a TV, your still looking at a dumb window, doing nothing and counting time until you rot away.

I hate Black Friday Sales… Humbug…

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