Upcoming Stuff, fun things and an Election rant

Hello, been a while since I posted pure blog just about stuff so here is one and it may ramble a little bit so forgive me. Now lets get this started.

November is almost upon us and that is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, 50,000 words and one month to write them in. Last time I competed in this competition against yourself I wrote The Tether, this time… Well, you will have to wait and see what I am going to do. If you want to keep tabs on my progress visit my NaNoWriMo Profile Here.

To get a little more out of this event this year I will be hosting a NaNoWriMo Write in were all the crazed writers in our area get together to well… You know write.. This write in will take place every Tuesday at the White Marsh (Maryland) Branch of Barnes & Noble at 7pm.  Come on over and write with us, mutual support makes for a larger word counts.

Also Halloween is almost upon us, and I have to start work on my costume in earnest to get it done in time. I’ve chosen something a little special this year, and I hope to complete it on time to show you. If this goes well, it might kick off a small cosplay side hobby for me. Which I am sure will amuse Screamer over on RetroScreamers.com – Pictures will appear here.

We have the election cycle coming up, by November 2nd we will know what path this country will take for the next few years. The people who know me, know my views and what I would like to see. What I’ve seen in the media is some frightening echoes of a very sad time in Europe, violence, hate, fear and loathing are never good to foster and some have taken it to extreme. We do need hope, we do need real change and the obstructionism has to stop. The choice though is up to you.

You see I’m an immigrant and I cannot vote, I’ve not been able to vote for almost 10 years and I miss the power to effect change. If you have the vote use it, express your opinion. Its your right and you don’t know how much you miss it unless it is gone. Trust me I know.

Maybe that is what is making me feel fear for the first time since coming to the USA, I fear what may happen if the wrong path is taken here and we turn away from the light. I don’t want my children growing up on a world of fear and hatred, I want them to have hope.

Finally to finish up,  three copies of my 1st Draft Edition of The Tether: None Good have gone out to Dan, Rose and my illustrator Sash. Thinking about doing a random group drawing to send out my remaining copy… So watch this space…

Should have more fun stuff to talk about in a weeks time, I’m aiming for a mid-December release on part two of the Tether and have a potential sit down meeting with a game studio based on a pitch for Speederz.

Now, get out there and enjoy the world

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