A Series of Events and Observations

Karma Kit Two

I assure you Karma was very much alive when I took this picture

For the latter part of this week I had a series of observations and events lined up to blog about. Sadly, the Kitten I rescued from exposure and whom we named Rayne Karma died suddenly on Thursday morning from causes unknown, although we think her body already endured too much and just shut down.  We did all we could, just this time there was really nothing that could help her. Karma Kit born ? died Oct 7, 2010 wish I knew you longer.

This put paid to the observations I wanted to make, gone were the comments on the anti-socialness of texting in company, how the quality of driving hasn’t improved in Maryland since the introduction of hands free, the insanity, or more truthfully the plain dumbness of election coverage, watching the baby boomers influenced by the politics of fear are selfishly march this country into a reflection of what there parents fought against, how news in the USA long forgotten how to report actual news, the joy of seeing Apple sued for infringing some one else’s patient and finally how I would really like to be at New York Comic Con this weekend.

None of this seems important right now, life will go on, the world will keep turning and if you blink you will miss too much. Onwards…

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