The Rescue of Karma Kitten…

Meet Karma Kit

Meet Karma Kit, a very special Kitten I found on the side of the county side road last night half in, half out a very deep puddle. Karma had her head and front paws just out the water and was meowing fairly pathetically. A very lucky Kit because 1 minute either way I would have missed her. I stopped the Jeep, got out figuring if she ran she would be okay, Karma just let me pick her up, carry her to the Jeep and take her home.  The night was spent dribbling watered milk and finger feeding some wet food.  She spent the night in our older Cats bed covered in an old towel.

Karma Kit Two

We are now on day two, she moved around a little more, enjoys having her ears scratched and eat a little more food. We still have a problem getting her to take liquids and moved to Kitten Formula with luck the nutrient swill help her system. I hope the rest and being out of the elements will help her, we are not around all day to constantly attend to her and our biggest fear is dehydration. Karma Kitten is still weak and a long way to go before I feel confident she will make it, she really needs a Vet, but we are poorer than church mice so we are doing what we can with what we have.

Watch out for more blogs about Karma Kitten…

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