Chris Gore Called Me a Douche

Chris 'Douche' GoreI kid you not… First off, let me introduce who Chris Gore is to you just in case you care. He is the chap who reviews DVD’s for G4TV Attack of the Show every Tuesday, has a movie review website and that’s his claim to fame. I also think he had something to do with Who Wants to be a Superhero as well. So in terms of Celebrity credo he is up there with maybe someone from the Real World.

Last night he posted a picture to his Twitter feed, yep that one you can see on your left with Goth eyeliner and looking like a badly made up extra for a gay Twilight porno.  Feeling punchy after a long day at work and the picture did give me a great belly laugh I sent him a Tweet.

@ThatChrisGore aren’t you getting a little old to dress up like a Goth?

Surprisingly he replied, I must of been the only one who was paying attention.

@alt_world Tell that to David Bowie. Or Ozzie. Or Robert Smith.#gothdudeswayolderthanmedouche

Yes you read that hash tag correct… Chris Gore called me a Douche… Amused that he did this I replied…

@ThatChrisGore Sure, you got their number?#replytopeoplewhoareadouche

Of course there are wittier responses; like they are lot cooler than you will ever be, but I was tired. Then all his tweets disappeared from my time line and I realized he removed me from his follow list. Which prompted one more broadcast on my part direct to his employers Twitter, cause they need to know so they could possibly take the piss out of him in the Office later.

@AOTS Wow @ThatChrisGore calls me a #douche then drops my follow when I call him one back…#thinskinnedChrisGoreToOldaDouchetobeaGoth

This is one person who should stop taking himself so seriously and as I tell my kids if you can’t take it, then don’t deal it. The moment of madness that caused me to want to collect all the AOTS presenters on my feed has long since passed. So I would like to thank Chris ‘Thin Skinned Douche To Old to be a Goth’ Gore for removing me as I will no longer be receiving any more creepy twitpics of girls he took a picture of  in a bar without their knowledge on my feed.  Seriously it was getting to be a very disturbing insight…

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