An Adventure in Promotion & 5 Annoying Agent Rejections

The Tether by Nick DavisToday I had a minor adventure in promotion, but also I wanted to share with you some of my rejection letter experiences and why Publishing Agents don’t always make sense.

First my minor promotion adventure. This Saturday from 12-4pm I will be hosting a book signing for my novel The Tether at Chuck’s Comics. To help advertise this beyond digital media I created some flyers to post on local community boards at Libraries and stores. A little old fashioned barker stuff… Now here is the onion…

The local libraries here in Balitmore County have a large and extremely empty community boards. However to put a flyer up on them you need to be none-profit or charitable organisation. Sadly my local author doing a local book signing didn’t swing any favor and I couldn’t put up my flyers. If I didn’t know better it feels the local Libraries here at Baltimore County have a war against the creation and spread of the written word… Conspiracy I say!

Now for some light entertainment.

Over the last 5-6 months I’ve sent out a good 50 Query letters and received just over 20 rejections. Most form letters with a couple of personalized responses which was nice. Here are my 5 most annoying Agent rejection responses.

1. Ask for a partial, then ask for a full manuscript. Then send no response at least be professional and say no thank you. We have to be in our contact with you!

2. Send a rejection saying the story didn’t have any pacing. Then in the next paragraph say it has too much pacing.

3. Receiving a rejection to my query letter one minute after I send it out. How could you possible open the email, read the query and send a repy in 60 seconds? Whatsamatter having a bad Agent day?

4. Getting a form letter that has another Authors name on it.

5. Getting a rejection letter and then a day later getting a letter requesting a partial from the same Agent!!! Maddening I tell you!!!


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