911 Why We are Free

Today is 9/11 a very fateful date here in the USA, a date that has two meanings for me, and biggest reason why we should celebrate our freedom. We have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and it is protected. Good or bad, dark or light you cannot support one with out the other, its the USA’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness… The one thing we should never, ever take for granted or be traded for falsehoods.

Of course having these Freedoms does mean you will get insensitivity, stupidity, bigotry and general dumbness, but it is right to express this, along with all the greatness that comes along as well.

This is why we are Free…

I mentioned before that this day has two meanings here is the first. My first marriage was on 9/11/2000 and we celebrated our happiness and freedom. The very next year on our anniversary 9/11 happened, the second more important meaning for this date… Where we upset? Yes, we were but we choose to celebrate our freedom, and to show we would not give into our fears. Now my first marriage is over, but the lesson is still an important one. Celebrate your Freedom on this day, show that you are not afraid, honor those that serve to give us those freedoms and remember those that have fallen.

This is why we are free…

It is up to us to keep it that way and beware those that will take your Freedoms away all wrapped up in the flag.

We are free, that is our greatest strength and is what our enemies fear the most.

That is why we are free…

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