Now He is Eleven!!!

Kids... Get them a phone and you disappear...Been a very hectic day… Today my son Lance turned Eleven!!! Wow… Eleven!!! I remember him being very tiny, you blink and they grow up too fast. That’s a picture of my son above, we got him a basic cellphone for his Birthday, which I am sure at the time of its release over a year ago was the pinnacle of cellphone tech, and like every kid of his generation there is no world outside of it now…

Today though was good day for him, gifts of a cellphone, Mego Block Halo kits and a skateboard from my parents. We followed this up with a trip to the local Lazer Tag park called the Red Zone, where my kids took an unholy joy in shooting me and finished the day off at Applebees.

Kids, Root Beer and the Applebees screw jobhThe only downer of the whole day was what I am calling the Applebees Kids drink screw job.  See the Birch Root Beer that Lance is toting in the picture above? We thought it was a drink included in the price along with the kids meals, however tiny little small print on the kids menu says otherwise, which was a surprise when it came to the bill… A talk with our Server, resulted in a talk with the Manager, who stuck to his small print and didn’t offer any misunderstanding compromising deal. We basically got a don’t care about your problem and pay for it, nice customer service there chap.

So I did, and left a note on the receipt that the tip was in the Root Beer that they screwed us over on. Felt bad for the Server, but she should of been clear about the Root Bear, and could of easily found away to absorb it without bringing out her Manager. So with this minor incident, now know as the Applebees Kids Drink Screw Job we headed home.

Good day… Don’t get many of them… But this was one of them… Happy Eleventh Birthday Son…

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