Here comes Earl… Luckily I have Comics to Read…

Here comes Earl!!! A fairly large catagory three hurricane that is coming our way. All reports say its going to sideswipe us, but I checked the 1-2-3 column and the sideswipe is still going to hit us with Tropical Storm force winds.

Now I’ve gone through Tropical Storm Isabel when it hit here, so I know thats going to be wild and woolie to say the least. So tomorrow is going to be spent securing lose items just in case its gets a little too wild, and things start to fly!!!

We’ve picked up bread, some bottled water, checked the batteries, need to get a couple more flashlights and we are good as we are going to get through this upcoming storm. Of course chances are nothing will happen beyond it being very soggy through Friday/Saturday… But best be prepared.

21st Century Sand Shark StudiosTo keep me going through Earl, my kids will be here and its my son’s birthday weekend. Plus when they are off doing kid stuff I’ve amply supplied myself with my weekly comic fix from Chuck’s Comics. Plus bonus material from 21st Century Sand Shark Studios review copies full set of Paranormals and Pistoleers – you rock Dan ‘Da Man’ Nokes.

Plus with reviews, writing, and general stuff we should be good to go here.

Going to try to get some blogs out during our Earl Event and take some fairly live pictures. Cannot promise how live because it will be depend on electricity staying on here.

Going to be an interesting weekend…

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