Help Save Maryland goes to DC

I suspect none of you know anything about Help Save Maryland, and trust me that is a good thing.  HSM are a special interest group that concern themselves with dealing immigration issues, are affiliated with the Tea Party movement and protest big government (anything Rush Limburgh tells them thats bad), now if it was just that simple, they might actually be worth listening too, or worthy of satire.

However as an immigrant myself I find them scary and a throwback to another darker era. I’ve ran into a small group of them on the Baltimore Sun Forums, none of them are particularly pleasant and are represent everything that is bad about message boards.

Sadly they are a group the actively targets what they call ‘illegal’ immigrants and have chapters leaders that claim they can detect ‘illegals’ just by looking at them and judge by skin complexion. Yep, not really that nice.

You know the sort of people who get upset if you judge them, scream how offended they are but are okay with judging everyone else, and offending them. All for freedom of speech and expression as long as its only there freedom of speech and expression.

You know… Hypocrites…

Anyhow they are in DC over the weekend to protest the Diamondbacks game to support the worrying Arizona immigration laws.  Below is an article from the Huffington Post, its interesting and a counter point about HSM… Which I have to say was good to see, click the URL below to read more.

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