Film Review – Nine

I always feel I am about six months behind on the movies I would like to watch, which always makes my reviews kind of redundant. However, as Jean says I always have an opinion, and here is mine on Nine.

Nine is an animated adventure starring Nine Ragdolls that are left in a world devastated by an Apocalyptic event. We explore this world through the eyes of Nine, the last of the dolls to awake to this world and that is really were the movie has its problem…


Or the exploration of it… You see Nine tilts us right into this world, shakes you by the throat and throws it right at you. From the moment he meets the first of his kind, until he defeats the Machine we are left with really good helta-skeltar action sequences, but a feeling that the movie was missing something really important from its core, that would of turned it into classic story.

And I think that was Innocence, we were not given the time to explore the world with Nine before it was torn down around us and by doing that the film felt flat. In all a good movie, nice visuals and enough mystery in the story to make you watch it and keep you watching.

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