The Runaround Birthday

Wow, today was an odd one. I’ve finally flipped the corner from mid-thirties to late thirties now and on some surveys I am sure I’ve moved up a bracket. I still have a lot of life plans to follow through on, and now just past the Biblical mid-point I better get my move on.
Anyway, that is a subject for another day. Lets run through the events of my Birthday, it was a very runaround day to say the least.
It started early for Jean and myself with a trip to Ikea, who have now changed their opening hours from 8am to 9.30am, which put a huge dent in our plans for the day. Why Ikea, you say?
Well, I wanted to breakfast and needed to pick up some furniture for my daughters room. Once the store was open, and we spent forty-five minutes running laps with the OAP’s in the mall, both items were quickly eliminated from the to do list.
Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to take the furniture back to the house so it journeyed with us to Arundel Mills in an attempt for us to catch the planned movie of the day which was going to be Sherlock Holmes. And we got there with time to spare.
A quick check of the automated ticket machine and I found out Avatar was about to start. This give me a huge decision to make… You see Avatar is one of those event movies that you have to see on the Big Screen, like LOTR or Star Wars. You have to experience it in its full cinematic glory to really form an opinion of it. While Sherlock Holmes is a movie that I can equally enjoy on the smaller screen if I have too… The clincher was it was the full 3-D Avatar Experience, and that had to be seen just to see if the hype was real or not.
Let me tell you Avatar is huge, big, really big, like almost Tardis big in its scope, in the power of its visuals, and breath taking effects. While it is a 3-D, its not an in your face 3-D gimmick experience, its used to immerse you into the film, to bring the world of Pandora to life around you, to make you gasp at the wonder of this world.
The storyline and depth of the movie was shallow to say the least, but it drove the movie along at a nice pace and you don’t notice you’ve been pinned to you seat for two & half hours by the majesty of the direction.
My only real compliant, and this is minor, and I’m not sure if many of you will feel the same way is this. This is a moral tale where everything is in simple black and white, no shades of gray. Therefore a lot of things and characters are broken down in archetypes, which distracts from the story a little bit as everyone inhabited their own little boxes.
However James Cameron did what he has always done, and that is create a world that you could believe exists. See this movie if you can in the way it was meant to be seen in full 3-D, somehow Pandora will look flatter and the movie smaller on our regular much smaller TV’s.
Now look at that I gushed a little bit… Now on with the rest of the day.
Next stop, and we had to run out of the movie theater before the credits ended to make this, was my Civil Surgeon appointment. Always fun getting poke, prodded and then paying for the experience. Still its needs to be done to get my USCIS paperwork through, then so be it.
One thing of note, for the first time ever during a physical exam I was asked to get my package out and lift up my balls. This was oddly uncomfortable to do, and I’ve never had to do this before… Ever… Normally is a cup through the underwear and cough.
Most odd… Oddest moment so far for 2010 for me.
With time running short as we were in heading towards evening, we checked out the Lego store at Arundel Mills and then sprinted back to the house to get changed for dinner. To find Comcast had turned off my service, even though the bill was paid in full that morning. Stupid cable provider, great at taking money, lousy at giving good customer service.
First 40 minutes on the phone yielded no results and we had to run to dinner, on the promise they would send a signal to reactivate everything they accidentally shutdown.
We had a dinner at a Indian Restaurant called Bombay Nights, (with a quick detour to Ikea for a caster bottom for our broken computer chair), now so far in the USA I’ve had lousy luck with Indian food with it all being crap basically. However this time it was a good dinner, and Jean discovered a whole new taste explosion. I think she was surprised with the textures, the taste and flavors she experienced. Convert? I don’t know yet…
The evening finished with my gaining some more Captain America goodies, included minimates, bobbleheads & The Death of Captain American TPB. The final gift was the excellant new Star Trek movie, which was another film that should of been seen first on the big screen. Thank you Jean.
And the night was finished with the construction of the Ikea furniture brought that morning, and finally getting Comcast to turn my services back on (11.33pm). For that I want to thank CS Rep Amanda for finally getting done what five other CS Reps couldn’t. Not sure how the graveyard shift worked better than the day shift, but I am happy to see the problem resolved even if it took them over eighteen hours to fix it.
Ahem… With that and this blog the day is finished… There are some details I’ve missed out and the day was longer than I wanted it to be. I did though enjoy it and now looking at my 37th year with sense of adventure of what is to come…
Wanna come along?
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