Moving up a box

I’m on the cusp of shifting from my mid-thirties to late thirties, and about to move up another box on the customer survey forms.

It feels odd, I still have this mental image of this kid just out of college and ready to take on the world. Not this man who has kids of his own, gone through his first divorce, married for the second time and all the worries that comes with having your own family.
I still feel like that kid that always goofs up but means well at work, always feeling like the youngest in the office wet behind the ears and eager to please. When in reality I’m crankier than I was, more tired, my ability to procrastinate has increased and I am not the youngest in the office anymore.
Within a blink this has all happened, and you find yourself looking back at yourself and wondering… When, where, why?
So now, here I am again about to be another year older, definitely not a year wiser and still dreaming those big dreams that kid just out of college did. I will end with a question, is this how you see yourself too? What mental image age do you see yourself out?

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