First Rejection Letter

This is a special proof copy I got made of the story I completed during theNaNoWriMo Eventback in November.

Not wanting to stop there I’ve submitted it to one dozen publishing agents that accept Email submissions – I’ll be doing the mail ins during the month of January.

Anyway today I got my First Rejection Letter, please read it below…

Thanks for your query.  Unfortunately, I do not feel that I could be the best advocate for your work.  Please keep in mind that mine is a subjective business, and an idea or story to which one agent does not respond may well be met with great enthusiasm by another, and I encourage you to continue writing to agents.  Hopefully you will find someone who will get behind you and your work with the conviction necessary in the current market.
Best wishes.


William Clark

Cool, eh?

So why I am I celebrating? After all its a rejection letter right? For me its the first of many I am sure I am going to receive, but it also means someone else read my synopsis and the required samples and made a decision on my work. To me it feels like the first real step in bringing my story to the masses.

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