Getting AutoRacerz on the Road

Autoracerz - A race car card game

I’ve worked on Speed-Dice/Racerz, now re-christened AutoRacerz for the last 3-4 months and I think its time to get this game on the road, and see if I can get it published along with Fight-DiceTM
So to this end I contacted my Game Broker Matt with the game proposal, to see if its something he will bite and take out to the Game publishers.
Here is the letter.
Hello Matt,
I hope this email finds you well and your ready for the holidays. I’ve been busy over the last few months and put together a prototype of a new game that uses part of the Fight-Dice system and gives the Player a chance to race cars. Please take a moment to look at the images attached to this email, and read the gaming proposal below.
I want to quickly introduce Speederz an interactive Collectable Card & Blind Object Game that allows the two or more Playerz to Race Carz over a random player generated rolling road racing track. Whilst trying to beat his opponents with either pure racing skillz, dirty wacky racer style trickz, driving tipz, vehicle enhancerz and on track hazardz such as rock slides.
The primary gaming piece are the:
Race Carz – acceleration and braking is handled by a simple dice mechanic and each car has its own little quirks that effect its handling and damage it can take. Each Race Carz can also transmorph into a higher evolution of itself, each transmorph stage gives the Race Carz a different and stronger abilities. Each Race Carz is a playing piece and is also represented by a Collectible Card, that tells the players the cars strengths and weaknesses.
The Race Trackz is a random generated road that each player takes turns in placing in a rolling road style placement. Certain road pieces have special hazardz on them that can effect the cars and cause them to crash, one hazardz is environmental as the roadz can be ice, tarmac, earth or even sand. The Playerz keep racing until they have destroyed their opponents vehiclez or crosses the finishing line road card. Race Trackz card are Collectible Cards
The Skillz, Trickz, Tipz, Enchancerz & Hazardz all add elements to the game play that can help the player or hinder his opponent. These are all collectible cards that can be made available in a starter pack and in booster packs to.
I’m finishing off the Prototype cards at the moment, which means I’m changing them from my game test pencil cards to a cleaner print version. Is this something that would be considered with the Game companies you are in contact with? Components are fairly minimal with and I think a starter pack would have the following components
1 Six-sided dice
1-2 gaming pieces for the cars
1 gaming mat
52 cards in the starter set.
Other Cars could be sold as blind items or in conjunction with booster packs.
Let me know what you will need and I will get them too you. Have a great holiday and I hope to hear from you soon.
Nick Davis
Now lets see if anything comes from this, eh?
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