Final Tally for NaNoWriMo

uring the month of November I took up the 50,000 word challenge of the National Novel Writing Month. For thirty days of snatched time and words I managed to pull screaming out of my head 50,000 words and shaped them into some type of story.

All this during a month that saw me almost losing my job, one of my children have a mini-emotional meltdown, me getting married and my oldest daughter getting pregnant. So you could hardly call the last thirty days quiet by any means.

But I completed the 50,000 word challenge on 11/26 as 12.35am, which has also cleverly instilled a habit into me and I find it harder not to write now, than actually to write in the evening. And have to work hard not have bits of story escape my head at the wrong times.

So as National Novel Writing Month comes to a close I can reveal to you all my final word tally for my thirty days of literary madness.

My final count for the NaNoWriMo is55,912words – you can check out the official count and my final excerpt for Novemberhere.

Of course now I’m much closer to finishing my story and over the next couple of weeks I will pull the last 10,000 words out of my head and shape them into what I hope will be a narrative. Then I will see where this all takes me.

Thank you all for listening.

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