Five Events

I very rarely Blog or talk about certain upcoming events in my life, as life has shown me the moment I mention them, it all disappears or it turns to crap. So right here I will mention five events that may change things around for me.

Event #1 – After eight years here at Squanto Court were I’ve seen my kids grow up and many other things that I cannot mention here. We are moving, no longer will we be shackled to this too small two up two down imitation of a Townhouse. We will instead be moving to Three bedroom corner Terrace house with a club basement. This of course means lots of stuff to move, lots of things to rearrange, and generally lots of stuff to do over the next couple of weeks. It is time to move though, although I will admit that Squanto Court holds a lot of memories for me.

Event #2 – After a year of bone rattling fun the RX7 has finally been sold on, and I am now riding in a Jeep Cherokee. I enjoyed my time driving the RX7 it really is a drivers car and puts you in touch with the road. I still believe if it wasn’t for the RX7 we would of never survived our drive back down from Screamers on a very, very cold winters evening, or the ice storm that hit Baltimore the day after. Now though, we are in a Jeep Cherokee, a larger much more comfortable ride, oddly the same amount of acceleration and gas mileage. Traded up or sideways, I am still unsure… Still I am enjoying driving the Jeep and that is a good sign.

Event #3 – It has been over four years since my ex-wife left me and for the last couple of months we actually have been officially divorced. Some odd feelings about it which I am sure is natural, but a huge chapter in my life has come to a close. And with every ending there is a beginning, and this is the beginning right?

Event #4 – Time to mention that beginning. With no obstacles in our way I have asked Jean to marry me, and on November 20th we are going to do the deed. We are going to be man and wife, with everything that comes with it. Perhaps at last she is right fit to my match?

Event #5 – It is a life event, and if you been following my Twitter or status updates you know what it is. My mother is having or had heart bypass surgery today. As you all know my family is in the UK, so it harder for me to get news or status reports about this sort of family event. I am leaning on no news is good news and I hope all things have gone well today for her.

Event #5 Edit 09/27/2009 – Got the news today, my mothers heart bypass surgery was a success and she is already moaning about the hospital food, and the exercises she is being made to do already. One good thing though, for the first time in thirty years my father was able to get a word in edge wise 

That is the five major events that are going on in my life at the moment. Onwards, eh?

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