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Welcome to Alt World Studios, a world of imagination powered storytelling. From the bedtime adventure of heroic Teddy Bears battling the evil Boogeyman and his Monsters-under-the-bed in the Teddy Bear Tales, to the once upon a time fantasy stories of the Wonder Tales and the reality shattering paranormal Tether Saga. 

Alt World Studios is the home for the independent creative works of Nick Davis, an Englishman living near Baltimore, USA and serves as an outlet for all his tea-powered imaginings. All works are creator owned and independently published to bring you unique adventures that teach hope, loyalty. teamwork and the power of friendship. Please bookmark and check back often for updates and previews of all the adventures ahead!

New Releases

A Teddy Bear Tale: Awakenings The Final Acts – LIVE on Kickstarter!!! Back this project today!!!

A Teddy Bear Tales: Awakenings Here Be MonstersA Teddy Bear Tales – Awakenings: Here Be Monsters By Nick Davis | Art By Veronica Smith

This is the story of the three ragtag Cuddly Toys who suddenly find themselves on the front-line of a secret war waged for over a century between Teddy Bears and the Monsters under the bed.

Our story begins as Tristan and Wilma, have completed their training under the strict guidance of the old house Teddy Bear, Archer. As they head back to their child’s room, with Archer in tow, a strange, purple light is shining from it. Have the Monsters returned? Our band of ragtag cuddly toys are in a race against time to save their child from the Monsters under the bed, but are these Cuddly Defenders ready?

Awakenings: Here Be Monsters is a 52 page, full-color action graphic novel continuing the adventures of The Darkest Night [Graphic Novel – $9.99]

Exposition - A Superhero Comic Book

Exposition By Nick Davis | Art By Bill Young

What would you do if you found yourself inside a comic book? Well Jack knows…

Exposition is a unique mash-up of comic book and prose featuring Superheros, evil Villains, dim Henchmen, noisy Ninjas, giant Robots, flying Monkeys with laser-beams for eyes and a very diabolic dance number as a Jack begins to lose the plot as he desperately seeks the ending to the story.

Exposition is a 46 page mash-up of comic book & prose story telling and will be the most unusual not about superheroes, superhero comic you will ever read. [Kindle eBook – $3.50] [Paperback – $4.99] [Hardback – $11.99]

Tristan The Teddy Bear Hero Of The TeddyverseThe Teddy Bear Tale Adventure Graphic Novels

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